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Empowered Startups connects you with the resources and support you need to turn your business idea into reality. They offer training programs to equip you with the skills needed to launch and grow your business. Connect with experienced mentors who will offer advice and support along the way. They'll help you overcome the challenges of starting a business in a new place.

Empowered Startup

The Problem

Empowered Startups (ESP) had some tough hurdles to overcome when they were making their EB2 Startup Investor Program platform. First off, they needed a fancy platform that could handle lots of different things, like people coming up with ideas and working together. After that, they wanted to make sure the platform was easy for entrepreneurs to use. Lastly, they needed to make sure the platform could grow and change as more people used it.

The Solution

MicraSol, a top web development and software solutions company, teamed up with ESP to tackle these challenges head-on. First, they made a special platform just for ESP, making sure it did exactly what ESP needed it to do. Next, they focused on making the platform easy to use by following the best design rules. They also worked in a way that let them keep making it better as time went on. After that, they built the platform in a strong and flexible way so it could handle more people using it as ESP grew.

The results

The collaboration between MicraSol and ESP led to some big wins. The website they built was easy to use and made it easier for entrepreneurs to work together. It helped entrepreneurs come up with ideas, work together, and track their progress. Plus, the website was built to handle more users as ESP grew, making sure it stayed useful in the long run.

ESP accelerates idea development, fosters community engagement and innovation, empowers informed decision-making, and enhances startup success through efficient progress tracking and idea sharing in a supportive ecosystem.


Client Says

"Working with MicraSol has been amazing for our business. They are really good at making websites and software. They helped us a lot with building our EB2 Startup Investor Program platform. MicraSol's team worked very hard and paid close attention to everything. They made sure we got what we needed, and now we have a great platform that is easy to use. We are very happy with MicraSol and would tell anyone who needs help with development to work with them."

Darrell Houle

Digital Development Lead
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